Crate the Great!

closet cratesLet me just start by saying I am a Home Goods fanatic. It’s like hunting for treasure in an air conditioned environment while being treated to 90′s pop songs you’re not supposed to know or love but secretly do. During a recent ‘treasure hunting’ quest to find a way to create more drawer space without actually buying another dresser, I stumbled upon the perfect solution. Crates!

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Chocolate, Chocolate, Peanut, Peanut Butter Brownies!!

Nope, no typos here! These brownies are a double dose of one of the happiest unions in the dessert dynasty! Chocolate and peanut butter were always meant to be, but these brownies take that one wonderful idea and make it twice as nice! It’s deep chocolate brownies studded with chocolate chunks and sugared peanuts topped with a lovely layer of thick peanut butter frosting! And that my friends is how peanut butter and chocolate lived happily ever after!

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I found my closet floor!

Picture Yes, it’s true, my closet floor has been missing for quite some time. The problem is the blanket of shoes that cover all of the walking space. Clearly one solution would be to stop buying shoes, but since that is a hopeless quest I decided it was time to find an organization solution.Having exhausted all the places in the house where I could put shoe racks, I needed to come up with a creative and decorative idea. And since I actually use my oven and microwave those were not an option. Here’s the before, the after, and the solution that created it! Read more